The Briefcase - An Arduino Project

Currently, our Microcomputer group at OpenGI Ltd are working on a new project; a physical version of the Video Game “Keep Talking and nobody explodes” for use in team building activities.

The idea is simple, to create a fictional “Bomb” using several arduinos; a selection of “nodes” that each have their own success or failure conditions that need to be determined by other players holding an instruction manual. These are all connected to a central nodes that controls what nodes are active, the time limit, and receives any successful or failed “defuses”.

I tasked myself with creating an RFID reader module. The screen of the module will display two key words, that would relate to articles in the manual. Using this, the players must discern the correct ID card to scan into the module to defuse the module.

The component is written in C++ on an arduino nano, and at the time of writing is one of the few complete modules.